Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Opportunity of a lifetime!

While we were at the trial a few weekends ago we found out about a great seminar that's going to be held in the Cincinnati area next February! Just under two hours from where we live. And, dog, are we psyched!

You may remember I have posted some vids and other information about Silvia Trkman and her Pyr Shep, La. Well, Silvia is coming to the US and leading a seminar in Cincinnati in February. We put our name in for a spot in the seminar and we got in this weekend!

So many people that we talk to really enjoy Silvia and her training sessions. We have a good new friend in Xsara who trains with Silvia - they both live in Slovenia.

We are completely taken with her enthusiasm, lust for drive, energy and the fun she shows in all her runs and throughout her website. Her pup, La, is a two-time World Champion, winning her first World Championships in 2003, on her second birthday! And Silvia is a nine-time National Champion of Slovenia, and has been on the World team every year since 1997. Just amazing. If you get a chance, check out Silvia's website, where you'll find great info on training and fun tricks you can play with your pup!

Here's a fairly new video that Silvia put on her YouTube channel! Fun!

And here is one of her runs during the World Championships, wow, just wow!


  1. Hello , I´m from Portugal and i´m one of the long list of silvia fans .

  2. Hello , I´m from portugal and i´m one of the long list of silvia fans

    velocity came first then no faults ..love this

    i´m sure you will learn a lot .. dont waste any second


    PS : nice blog :)

  3. How fabulous - I thought it was speeded up at first. :-) Loved the handling in the box - I must sketch out that course so we can practice at our club!

    Can't imagine ever needing to wear such lightweight sporty clothes in a Scottish show however. :-)

    Jake n Gus


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