Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dogs and dishwashers!

Seems that dogs and dishwashers have a love hate relationship. Some just can't wait until they are opened and the dirty dishes put in, some just can't stand them all together.

Here are a few clips. Watch and tell me pups and pup lovers, what's your relationship with your dishwasher!

At our house we too have a love hate relationship with the dishwasher. When Mum was shopping for a dishwasher she made sure to check out dishwasher reviews. And these dishwasher reviews helped her a lot on deciding which one to buy. She ended up with one that you can set with a timer to go on in the middle of the night. Why? Because I am afraid of machines, and in the middle of the night, I am far away from the dishwasher, long gone to bed with Mum upstairs. They scare the bejeebees out of me! I have to say that I appreciate Mum checking out all the features of the dishwasher reviews and finding one that fits with my lifestyle perfectly.

Gracie on the other hand is quite different. She couldn't care less, and since she likes to sleep downstairs, Mum can set the dishwasher to go off during the night while Gracie is sleeping too. Works out well for both of us. But Gracie's most favorite thing about the dishwasher is her wish to clean off the dirty dishes. (Mum doesn't let her, but let's her sit patiently while Mum loads the wretched thing - then Gracie gets a good treat if she does try to hope in and clean off the dishes.)

So, pups, what's your relationship with your dishwasher - love it or hate it?

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