Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Honda Element named Dog Car of the Year!

Some cool folks over at DogCars.com do a great job of reviewing all the latest cars and how dog-friendly they are. They try them out, test them, use them for awhile with their pups and give their reviews.

Now they have named the Dog Car of the Year - the Honda Element! If you are looking for a new or even used car, be sure and check out their website and blog and learn if the next car you are thinking about is a dog-friendly car.

Keep safe out there. K? And don't forget to secure your pup in the car!

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  1. Thanks for the info! Wish mom and dad rented this car when we went on our Southwest road trip this past summer. The car they rented wasn't very big, especially for 2 dogs. Dante took up all the room and I had no place to lay, except for right on top of him! We'll pass this on to our parents.
    Sierra & Dante


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