Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I got another award!

I've been honored with the Good Buzz Award from Mike and Tish over at BlogsWeLuv. It's a great site that reviews all types of blogs, from two-leggers to four! The Good Buzz Award is intended “for blogs that have generated a happy hum in the blogosphere. Whether it be for their blog in general, one outstanding, unusual or controversial post, or for something cool the blogger has done.” This award originated at Polliwog’s Pond and the proper linking code can be found there.

Thank you so much Mike and Tish! Now I'd like to bestow this award to my Twitter buddy and friend Freda over at DeltaBunny, she shares our love for the environment and let's us know about cool things we can do to help 'save the Planet'.


  1. merry christmas to u, johann n gracie

    hope u guys had a pawsome day

  2. We're a little behind in our visiting and just saw this. Congrats to you and your mum Johann- this is quite a nice award and you deserve it.
    Abby & Rosie


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