Monday, December 17, 2007

Petfinder is looking for a TV star!

Petfinder is looking for you for their next TV star! If you were adopted through the help of Petfinder, your happy adoption story could help spread the Petfinder message!

Tell them how you met and adopted your best friend through Petfinder! Your video will appear on, and you and your pet could appear in a Petfinder TV ad.
  • Your video should be no more than one minute long.
  • Your story should be about how you found your pet on Petfinder, but its style – funny, heartwarming, inspirational – is up to you! In 1 minute, inspire 1 person to save 1 pet.
    Some things you could show:
    • - What life was like before your pet
    • - What your pet does best
    • - Your favorite thing to do together
    • - What you and your pet have in common
  • Your video should be straightforward – do not include graphics, titles or fades.
  • Do not include any copyrighted material (music, movie footage, etc.).
So check it out and submit your video! We're gonna work on ours next weekend!

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