Monday, December 17, 2007

I was trapped by a Dyson!

That mean old Dyson trapped me.

You may remember that we blogged about how Mum puts the Dyson at the entrance to the kittie litter closet to keep me out of there? Well, the smell of the box was just too enticing to me the other day.

Mum hadn't seen me in about 20 minutes and became concerned. She called me but I didn't come to her. It's so unlike me since I always come immediately when Mum calls me.

So she started looking around the house. She called me - no Johann. Then she ran upstairs to look for me - no Johann. Then she ran back downstairs to look for me - no Johann. I was no where to be found!

Then just as she was about to panic, she thought about looking in the kittie litter closet. There I was, shaking my boots off, stuck between the kittie litter and the mean old Dyson. She called me but I wouldn't budge, I fidgeted, but wouldn't budge. There was no way I was going to go near that Dyson, no way!

So Mum had to open the door wider, move the Dyson out of the closet, and then I ran out of that room like it was on fire! Whew, I was saved from a Dyson fate worse than death!

I so wish Mum would check out some Vacuum Cleaner Reviews so that maybe we could find one that I like. Maybe Vacuum Cleaner Reviews would tell us if one of the vacuums was dog friendly, or quieter or maybe not so scary! Maybe Vacuum Cleaner Reviews would help me find a vacuum that I could be at peace with - I can dream can't I?

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  1. Our mom has the kitty litter area all closed off in her attempt to keep us out too. But the lure is so great isn't it. We've come up with all kinds of ways to get around the barricades she put up, but finally she got dad involved and they built a sturdy we can only remember fondly now our visits to the litter box.
    Abby & Rosie


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