Thursday, December 20, 2007

Key West, a dog friendly city!

Mum and I were talking to a good friend today. What came up in the conversation? We need a vacation! Both she and Mum work from home, don't get out of the house much, and really would like to take some time away with us pups and have some fun!

So what did Mum do? No, she didn't schedule a vacation, but she went looking at some sites to find out some of the most dog friendly cities and what they have to offer. To some get on with dreamin'.

What did she find? One place she has always wanted to visit - Key West, which just happens to be listed as one of the top dog friendly cities of 2007.

I'd definitely want to check out Hemmingway's House, just to give the kitties a good chase. And I'd love to go and check out Lazy Dog Outfitters, Kayaks and Boat Charters. One of my favorite things is canoing and kayaking! Mum and I did that my first year on the White River and had a blast!

Of course we'd have to find a nice hotel that allows us pups, perhaps Cheap Hotels to save a few bones. There are tons of outdoor restaurants in Key West that allow pups, which is wonderful. Mum would never have to leave us, and maybe we'd get to clean up a few leftovers.

We hear there's a nice little dog beach and dogs are allowed at the Dry Tortugas National Park, where we could get in some great exercise. We could even visit the pup-friendly Key West Aquarium. And I bet there just may be other attractions and activities that would allow pups too!

For now we'll have to dream of Trusted Tours and Attractions - too much work going on; but if we're lucky, maybe next year!

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