Thursday, December 20, 2007

Learning, always learning!

Mum and I both value good training - me with my agility, and tricks, and Mum with pretty much anything she can get her eyes on. She loves soaking up information. Kind of like me! Always on the looking for something good to sink my teeth into.

Being dog people that we are, Mum knows the value and importance of being home with me. She's thought sometimes about wanting to add to her education. But being away from me, my sis Gracie, and kittie bros, made it a definite no in her book. But there is an alternative. Getting that MBA online. Online Learning could be a great way for Mum to extend her education and be able to stay home with us too!

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  1. Online learning is becoming more and more popular and accepted. A friend from work is getting her RN degree through a USA university and she is doing it all online. Quite something.

  2. Love the blog! I had no idea that there were so many other doggie blogs out there! Mine is not so well put together.
    Check us out if you get a chance:


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