Friday, December 14, 2007

Making a dog coat!

Even though I'm pretty sturdy when it comes to cold weather, there are times when it's just too cold even for me. Mum bought me a nice coat, but has been thinking lately that she'd like to make me more, so that she could chose the material, color and save some bones of course, 'cause I'm pretty rough on my coats!

The first thing Mum would need to do is check out sewing machine reviews, 'cause she is clueless about these things. She's never had a sewing machine and told me once that she flunked the sewing portion of home economics in school, BOL! Going to a site with sewing machine reviews hopefully would help her decide on a nice little machine that would do the job, and save money. And I'm sure that after reading sewing machine reviews she'd find that there are machines a lot easier to use than they were, oh, say, 20+++ years ago, BOL!

She did some searching on the Internet and found this nice little dog coat pattern - and the best part is that it can be resized easily enough. Gracie needs one too and she's kind of hard to fit. And it uses Velcro, for easy on and easy off.

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