Friday, December 14, 2007

My bro, the male model!

Here it is! The cover of the Winter 2008 issue of Florida Feline! And that's my kittie brother, Wolfie (aka, Wolfgang). Mum took this pic of Wolfie on our patio a summer or two ago. Doesn't he look great!

I sure am proud of my bro. Although just a bit jealous, if I do say so myself. Afterall, I'm the Internet dog! Guess Mum may have to start a blog for the Wolf-ster, he's getting so pawpular!

And the cool thing is that Mum's business - Pawsible Marketing - was also highlighted in the magazine!

One thing that Wolfie is good at is being photogenic. Mum takes about as many pics of him as she does of me. And that's a lot! And all the pics of Wolfie come out great. I guess that he has gotten some modeling posing ideas, somewhere along the line.

For those of you who don't know much about Wolfie, he was a feral cat. Born in my GrandMum's yard about nine years ago, he hid and ran away from all the nice folks who came to rescue the kitties. He was able to evade capture for about 6 months. But when Mum came to visit one day, he took to her like glue! And they have been together ever since. He still doesn't like anyone but Mum, including the wonderful, attractive, personable, and likable me! But that's OK, he likes Mum and I like her too. He's happy and that's what matters!


  1. Wolfie certainly is a handsome fellow! I am a big kity fan as you know!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  2. Wolfie is a pretty handsome dude.. for a cat. We have one of those too. His name is Bear and he is just a tad bossy.

  3. What a poser indeed. Wolfie got smart the day he decided to allow your mum to care for him. Our Gidget was a ferral cat, found at 8 mos old and she luckily took to people pretty good. She was so sick, she didn't put up a fight; then I think she learned we weren't so bad after all. She's still got a wild streak in her, but a great little kitty. Don't be jealous're still the main man, and just as photogenic as Wolfie too.
    Chris and the animals


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