Friday, December 14, 2007

I love helping Mum fold clothes!

One of my most favorite things to do is help Mum take clothes out of the Maytag dryer and fold them. It's been one of my favs since I was just 13 weeks old.

That's me rolling around in the laundry last year when I had my cast on. So fun!

It's probably because when I was a puppy, Mum used to have me with her everywhere she went. She'd go upstairs with me in tow, get the clothes out of the Maytag dryer and sit on the floor with me while she folded and I rolled around in the pile of clean clothes. It made her laugh then and it still makes her laugh! Sometimes she says "JoJo, you've liked doing this since you were just a little pup, you silly thing, you." And I just roll around even more!

Now I run to the Maytag dryer the minute Mum opens the door, I sure don't want to miss out on a good roll opportunity!

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