Friday, January 18, 2008

Big, big fans!

Something I forgot to tell everyone about the trial last weekend. I wasn't phased by it, but several pups were!

The trial was held at the training center here in town and it's located in an industrial warehouse, like many clubs are. Right in the middle of the ceiling of the course was a really, really big Industrial Fan! It was moving tons of air from the heater and circulating it throughout the indoor space, keeping it nice and warm inside throughout the building.
I had been there before and wasn't afraid of the fan, but some of the pups were not only kind of scared of it, but were terrified of it. Sure didn't help that the table was located just under the fan for the first run of the day.

Guess that's why it's important to be exposed to lots of different things, you just never know what you'll come up against on the course!


  1. Hi Dood. I read on one of the blogs that you are an agility star. Very cool! I sometimes jump the fence to get to the old man who lives behind me. He gives me ham. I would climb a tree for ham! Well I do try to climb trees to get to those squirrels that harrass me. Does that count?

  2. Wow that is a big fan and I would be scared of it!


Thanks for barking in!

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