Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gold giver!

We were reading the other day about a troop of bell-ringing dogs that were helping the Salvation Army collect money at a Detroit area Wal-Mart over the holidays. These pups fetched a gold bar wrapped in a $100 bill. And this is the third year in a row that an anonymous donor had dropped a gold bar into the kettle.

One ounce gold bars can fetch about $800 on the market these days. Some say from the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has had an affinity for gold bullion; and in all ages, man has been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold, and with its power as an investment.

Guess this anonymous donor was fascinated too! But I think it was the pups that encouraged him to donate - we have powers like that, don't we?


  1. Way to go Roxy! 11 years old and still going strong. What an accomplishment for her.
    Abby & Rosie


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