Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dog sports title requirements!

Keeping up on the titling requirements for all the dog sports and sanctioning organizations can be pretty maddening sometimes. We found a site the other day that is doing a pretty doggone good job of keeping all of this info straight.

Front and Finish has put together an extensive's what they have to say:
Have you ever wondered what the titles attached to a dog's name mean? By now you probably know N is for Novice, CD is a Companion Dog and if a title is followed by a Ch this dog is a Champion. But maybe you have met a dog whose credentials are Greek to you! We hope the following pages help you sort out the various titles awarded to canines in competition. These pages provide a listing of various registries and titles they offer to competing dogs.

Canine Registeries & Organizations

AAC - Agility Association of Canada
AKC - American Kennel Club
APDT - Association of Pet Dog Trainers
ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America
CKC - Canadian Kennel Club
NADAC - North American Dog Agility Council
NAFA - North American Flyball Association
TDAA- Teacup Dogs Agiltiy Association
UKC - United Kennel Club
USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association
WCFO - World Canine Freestyle Organization
Be sure and bookmark this page, keep it handy! And if you get a chance, drop them a note and thank them for compiling all this wonderful info! Nice job Front and Finish!

Oh, BTW, we're sending you a note in the hopes you add CPE!


  1. That is nice to have in one place! I get confused too. I'm going to enter Chase in USDAA this year and have no idea about their titles!

  2. Very good info. Thanks for sharing.

  3. THANKS!! I was curious to what they all mean!!

    How many of them do you have???

    Hope you and mum are doing better!!

  4. The Bay Team has been working on this page where all titles are listed in alphabetical order, so if you know the abbreviation but nothing else, you can find it. So far we have only USDAA, CPE, and AKC, but boy, there are a lot of abbreviations these days!

  5. Wow Johann!

    All those titles sure confuse me - I'll make sure to go thank those guys.

  6. Wow Ellen, that's quite a great list your club has, very nice. I need to link to it on my Squidoo lens on Dog Agility! Thanks!


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