Monday, January 21, 2008

For you flyball fans, here's an achievement!

Julie Anne Ines, a reporter for The Orange County Register barked this in to me today...what a great achievement! Big congrats Roxy!

Fountain Valley dog becomes first in West to hit 100,000 points to receive the Hobbes award for Flyball.
FOUNTAIN VALLEY – It's been said that every dog has its day, and 11-year-old border collie Roxanne had hers at Hidden Valley Park in Irvine.

At about 10:30 Sunday morning, Roxanne, or Roxy as she is known by owners Jane Horsfield and Dan Balza of Fountain Valley, reached the 100,000 points needed to get the Hobbes award for flyball during the O.C. Winter Games.

With that, Roxy has been inducted into the ranks of just 10 dogs who have ever reached the milestone for the sport, in which teams of dogs run a relay race to accumulate points.

It's "the big Kahuna of titles" in Flyball, said Horsfield, who was "sore and stiff, but still floating" the day after Roxy's big day.

At the beginning of competition Sunday, Roxy needed 302 points to get the Hobbes, according to Horsfield. She whittled the number down to 76 during her early morning races.

The first of five heats of the next race saw Roxy score 25 points. She scored 25 more points in the second heat, and five in the third.

After that third heat, Horsfield and members of the Orange Crush Flyball Club, which organized the tournament, knew that the oldest of Horsfield's three border collies would reach the coveted title.

Horsfield said that all racing stopped for a couple of moments, and spectators were called to the rink that Roxy was in for her fourth heat.

And to the tune of Roxanne by The Police, for which she is named, Roxanne became the first dog west of the Mississippi to pass the 100,000-point mark.
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  1. I grew up in Fountain Valley. Roxy's making our city proud! Congratulations to Roxy!

  2. It must be real exciting to be an agility dog. I am glad you came by to visit my friend, Alexis, the boxer. I really like dogs, you know!

  3. I saw this earlier and knew I'd find it on your blog before the day was up :) Sounds like a pretty talented dog, just like you!!

  4. That's soo cool, thanks for sharin the news.

  5. I know your mom, Roxy! I'm so proud of you and happy for her! Keep Flying!

    Chris for


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