Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Mum and I are optimistic sorts, pretty much happy all the time. Wasn't always that the 90's Mum got really sick and it took a long time for her to be well. Through that time, she says she was very sad. But vowed after she got well, that she would never get that sad again!

Oh, we both have our moments of everyday life that are frustrating like everyone else, but get over them pretty quickly and move on. Life is just too short to hang 'down there' Mum says. And that's just the way we are now. But we have some friends that aren't happy and have trouble. We get sad for them sometimes.

There is a new movement making it's way through the blogosphere that we come across a lot lately. It's called the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method was discovered over fifty years ago by a man named Lester Levenson, who was battling depression and ill health. He developed The Sedona Method, followed it and lived a happy 42 more years. Hale Dwoskin, who was one of Lester’s students carries on Lester’s work all over the world.

Featured teacher from the Oprah loving mega-bestseller "The Secret," Marci Shimoff, writes about why she loves The Sedona Method and urges people to use this release technique to let go of negative thoughts and feelings in her new book, "Happy For No Reason" They have a Free DVD and CD for your to check out.

We thought this all sounded really interesting and wanted to pass it along!

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