Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AKC needs your input on the future of mixed breed participation in AKC events!

There are blog posts and emails circulating the Internet that there is a new survey from the AKC requesting input from mixed breed dog owners. We have been unable to find it on the AKC website, but we didn't want to waste too much time looking around.

Here is the link! - note, the link redirects to Zoomerang, a legitimate online survey tool and company.

According to the survey the AKC indicates:
AKC is considering a new program, offered by an AKC affiliate, for mixed breed dog owners. The new program, a club possibly named the "All American Dog Club," would give members access to an interactive website.

The website would include fun features like forums, dog care video downloads, picture contests, multi-media scrapbooks, multi-media games, access to expert advice, and more. Additional benefits would include round-the-clock recovery services to help reunite lost pets with their owners, a free initial veterinary visit, a trial offer of pet health insurance, and the latest information on dog care and training.

Members also would have the opportunity to earn the Canine Good Citizen certificate and AKC titles in Rally, Obedience, and the fast-paced sport of Agility!
With the formation of an "All American Dog Club", it could very well mean that mixed breeds would be competing separately from pure breeds, segregating them in competition in Rally, Obedience, Agility and more.

Thanks Dog-li-ness for the heads up!

Take the survey and voice your opinion!!!!


  1. Wow. I knew that crossbreeds can't compete in AKC events but I hadn't appreciated that the American Good Citizen Scheme is for pedigrees only. Is there an alternative?

    In the UK crossbreeds can be on the Kennel Club activity register and compete in KC agility shows, or work through the Good Citizen awards. (It didn't take long to complete Jake's activity registration. [Breed = crossbreed. Sire = not known. Dam = not known. Age = not known. etc ... :-) ]

  2. i think mongrels shld have the rights to compete with the pedigree..

    what is there a segregation...?

  3. Hi Gussie - in the US any dog, mixed or purebred can test for the Canine Good Citizen designation. However, only purebred dogs with papers, or those listed with an ILP/PAL with the AKC are allowed to compete in AKC sporting events, lke agility, rally and others. Mixed breeds are not allowed to compete in these events.

    Mixed breeds can however compete in other venues, like CPE, USDAA and NADAC.

    Here is an example: I was rescued and didn't have breed papers. Since I am a sheltie, but have no papers, Mum sent in a letter and photos to the AKC to request to be listed with their ILP/PAL program so that we could compete in AKC agility. When we were approved we were allowed to compete in AKC sporting events, as well as USDAA, CPE and NADAC.

    That should also answer your question Pacco!

    Thanks everyone for checking this out. There is much controversy surrounding this issue.

  4. Ah, now I see! I wondered how purebred dogs without papers fared... thanks for explaining.

  5. So we have one more reason to seriously train Amy for agility! Hurray!


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