Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moving and real estate?

Mum and I have been thinking we'd like to move. Not just down the street or out into the country, but maybe another state out in the country. And with her able to work virtually anywhere, why not? Maybe somewhere warmer, maybe where we could do more agility throughout the year?

So we've been lazily looking around on the Internet, taking our time and thinking about it. Winter is a terrible time to move (at least here in Indiana), but come Spring it would be a great time. And hopefully the real estate market will ease up a little by then.

There are several homes on our block for sale which wouldn't help us much. But some go fast and some take months to sell. We don't really have any ties around here anymore, with my Grandmum in a home now. So there is nothing holding us back.

We came across the The Real Estate Book, the same book that you see at all the groceries and gas stations. It's a nationally and internationally recognized book of real estate. So we're gonna go and check it out, along with the other Internet resources we've been reviewing. Heck we may even look at atlanta real estate, or South Carolina, maybe even California? If you could go anywhere, why not? Where would you go?


  1. Hi Johann,

    My mom is from California, and took me back for a visit this past Christmas. Now that my mom is into agility (she wasn't when she lived in California), she thinks that California is the agility capital of the country!
    There are tons of agility things going on, all the time, and there are a lot of world-class trainers out there. Gotta love the year-round agility season!


    Heloise (JRT)--my mom thinks she has seen you and your mom at some local Indiana trials!

  2. Hi Johann!

    I'm Kathy, Dog Mom to Rebel, a rescued Samoyed. I am a Realtor here in South Carolina and I'm a self-described "dog nut". My furry wonder LOVES Rally Obedience and Herding. We have a BUNCH of folks here who are avid agility fans and have all sorts of playgrounds for them and their dogs (and even an agility club) too.

    Let me know if I can help you in making that decision - I can get you in touch with the "dog people" here to find out what we have to offer an active dog and his human. I can even help with finding an agent to sell your house where you live right now, get relocation info for South Carolina and even discounts on movers. Just let me know what I can do to help!

    Kathy Smith, Realtor, Dog Mom
    and Rebel Dog, CGC, HCT
    Check out my blog here!

    Check out Rebel's Dogster bio:
    Rebel Dog's Profile

  3. Hi Johann .... what about Portugal !!
    Lovely wheather, lots of agility all year :) ... nice food
    Cant get any bether !!!!!

  4. Trantor, sounds like a great adventure. I'd most surely have to become a bi-lingual dog...thanks for the invite!

    We have many options to weigh, fur sure!


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