Monday, January 14, 2008

I got hurt and Mum is sick!

Well, it turned out not to be a very good weekend!

During my runs at the agility trial on Saturday, I didn't do well at all. Wasn't up to my usual speed and I didn't want to take the jumps. Mum wasn't sure what was up with me. But she found out later!

Came home on Saturday, took a nap with Mum, then went outside to potty. When I came back in I coward over into the corner and wouldn't come out. Mum went to see what was going on and I started panting really hard, wouldn't get up and my heart was racing. So off we went to the emergency room - 'cause Mum had no clue what was wrong with me and hadn't seem me act in that much pain in a really long time.

When I got there I perked up a bit (Mum thought from the adrenelin) and after a little talk with the vet tech, and a quick checkup they thought I had a pulled muscle. So Mum took me home and thought she would go to our chiro vet the next day at the trial. But still Mum wasn't completely certain what was wrong with me. And I shook and panted most of the night. Neither Mum or I really got any good sleep.

Then Sunday AM we headed to the trail, because our vet was going to be there. When I got there I was trembling a lot, my ears were so far back it didn't look like I had any! She looked me over right away and thought that I had a really bad pulled muscle in my hip area. So she thought I should see our massage/reiki person first. So we waited for her to run her dog and then she looked at me right away.

She worked on me for a while, gave me some Traumeel and I started to feel a little better. When my muscles were a little more relaxed, then my vet gave me a chiro adjustment and I felt even a little better.

So then we headed home to rest up. I still didn't feel very well and I really didn't want to go out in the cold to potty, but I did. Mum put my coat on me, so that I would stay as warm as possible and keep my muscle warm.

I slept a lot, all afternoon, in between gnawing on my bone. Then I slept all night. Woke up this morning and I'm still wanting to sleep and dose off over and over, and I still hurt.

My vet says I should be wanting to be back to normal in a couple of more days. But it's no jumping for at least a week. But they say I'll most probably be OK for my next trial and the Silvia Trkman seminar in mid to late February!

Then on top of that Mum got really run down and now she has the flu. So Gracie is bored silly, and Mum and I are taking lots of naps. But we gotta get well!!!!!

Back to bed for us!


  1. BUDDY!!!! You poor thing! I hope your muscle strain gets better soon! Snuggle up with mum and get some rest!

    Good news: You are the Celebrity Dog Watcher Dog of the Day!!!



  2. sorry to hear about ur injury, johann...

    rest well...

    n i'm sure u will be back in action soon...

  3. Hi Johann, so sorry to hear you & your Mum are both poorly. Rest up and get well soon! xxGus n Jake

  4. Oh Johann...that's terrible! I sure hope you get better real soon. Your Mom too!

    At least you are a celebudog now!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Hi Johann,

    I sure hope you and your mom feel better soon! Get lots of rest. Gracie can take good care of you 2!


  6. Oh no, I hope you both feel better soon. :(

    Poor you.


  7. We hope both of you feel better real soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. woofies Johann, me hopies u and mum feel better really fun being sick....u and mum take care of each other and Gracie will take care of both of u...

    b safe,

    pp's me gave u an awarwd....

  9. Feel better soon buddy - and tell your mum to look after herself too.


  10. Johann, it's sad to see you looking so miserable. Get well soon! I hope your mum's flu isn't too awful, too, and that you both soon feel good again.

  11. Hi JOhann, Hope you and your mom get better soon. TC - Amy

  12. Oooo. So sorry to hear you are both feeling so bad. Chicken Soup wishes you both get well, and are back to jumping, soon!

  13. Thanks everyone for your kind notes! It's making us feel better, fur sure. We hope to get around in the next couple of days to visit everyone, right now we're staying in bed.

    Wuvs you! Johann

  14. Oh No! I hope you heal up quick so you can do agilities again!


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