Monday, January 14, 2008

Video social networking meets TV!

There's a new website getting some buzz today called YawpBox. YawpBox is a place to share your life experiences with others in the world, and keep a record of those experiences.

With YawpBox you can upload photos, videos, audio files, and create a journal about your life. Then you search and find other people who have had similar experiences and share with them what you have done. You can make friends and participate in social networking through the site. Sharing your life through videos has become a very popular things nowadays, and it was just about time that it would migrate to the living little screen.

Other Yawpers (as users are called on the site) can vote on your experiences. And to go even further YawpBox TV will take their user submitted content and showcase it on a television show in March 2008. If you and your experience make the grate you can be on TV!

Right now they have a Lex & Terry challenge going on that will be featured on YawpBoxTV - a 30 minute weekly "magazine style" show, filmed in Dallas. It will be the first television show with content completely generated by users of a social networking site.

When the show airs, Lex and Terry will show and discuss some of the most popular uploaded vidoes from Should be interesting!

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