Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's been a couple of weeks since I pulled that nasty muscle in my back (or was it my thigh or groin). Well anyway, I've been working on my recovery and it's taking a bit longer than both Mum and I anticipated.

The day after it happened I got a chiro adjustment, reiki and a bit of massage. Then about four days later I got another chiro adjustment after the swelling and most of the soreness went away. And Mum has been stretching me a lot and massaging me (see our video on our stretching routine).

The good thing is that we are going on some 1-2 mile walks now (weather permitting), and when Mum stretches my back legs I'm extending fully. But I'm still not to 100%. I'm not doing a lot of running, and just a little bit of zoomies, but I can go down the stairs and jump from the our low couch without any pain. So we are progressing. Mum says it's nice that I go and bark at the school buses and mailman again, that I'm doing just a bit of wrestling with my sis, and that I have interest in doing some foundation work and in my toys. She missed it!

In between my workouts, I'm resting on the couch and getting into my 'used' marrow bone.

Our focus now is on building my endurance. And we may try this weekend to do a little low jumping and weaves to see how those are coming along. Our goal is to compete in the next USDAA trial that we are signed up for on February 9 and 10, and to be able to do some good work at our seminar with Silvia Trkman on February 21 and 22.

But for now, I still have a bit of a ways to go. Who knew a little ole pulled muscle would get me down for so long?


  1. Hi Johann
    We're real sorry to hear that you've hurt yourself. You take it real easy mate. You're very athletic so it's worth it for the long run to take it extra easy now. Hope you're better real fast.
    Love from Hammer

  2. I hope you get well soon Johann. Take it easy and you'll heal better

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Dawg, we're gonna have to come down there if you don't get better soon! First, the car accident and now this! You better move to MN so we can keep a better eye on you.

    Wuf Ya - Gomey and Oper

  4. Glad you're healing up nicely Johann! Take it slow and easy and in the meantime soak up all that attention, BOL!

  5. glad to hear you are on the mend! Hope you're back 100% for agility season!!




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