Thursday, January 31, 2008

AMBOR is back!

AMBOR is proud to announce that the American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration (AMBOR) is back. It is now in the hands of a group of five dedicated people that all have had ties to the mixed breed community for years.

Their leader group consists of Kate Cowles, Ray Czubek, Lissie Kaufman, Debra Lazaro, and Heather Sather.

They hope to bring back the best of what AMBOR used to be and add to
that our vision for what it can represent in the future.

They are keeping the original name and will be known as the
American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration (AMBOR). However, this is
more of a "tip of the hat" to AMBOR's historical origins than to it's
modern day focus. They intend to recognize the accomplishments in all
venues supported by AMBOR members. In addition to obedience this
would include Agility, Tracking, Rally and more. They really want to
hear from you and what events you are doing with your AMBOR dog so they
can better tailor AMBOR to what is important to their members.

They will be publishing a quarterly newsletter hopefully starting with a
Spring issue. If you have ideas for the newsletter please contact them and let them know.

Part of AMBOR's history has been that they have been instrumental in
getting mixed breed dogs eligible to compete in venues like UKC and
the now defunct Gaines Tournaments. In addition to the role AMBOR has
played on behalf of mixed breed dogs in the past they all feel there is
still a need for an organization like AMBOR today. There are still
more doors to open.

The new AMBOR web site can be found here.


  1. AWESOME! And dont' forget about the You can compete in other sports too, like herding, retreiver instinct and conformation. (Mixed Breed conformation is a healthy, well mannered dog)

  2. That's wonderful! I wish we had AMBOR things around here.

  3. i wanna be part of them so badly...

    how nice if we have such a club here... that would be awesome


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