Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's hope for my old Mum!

Mum was reading me an article about the 'growing sport of dog agility' (like I didn't know that, BOL!) on the KING 5 Seattle station website, when she suddenly gasped!

"What's wrong, Mum"? I said. "Get this JoJo," she said. "The article says...
The sport brings in all ages and abilities.

"We have handlers from 8 or 9 years old to over 80 years old," said Doug Ricks, co-owner of Seattle Agility Center.

Beryl Epling knows age has nothing to do with it. She's 81 and her dog Time holds nearly 40 titles. And there's no end in sight for this duo.
"Now that's cool," Mum said. "I want to be running agility when I'm 80!"

Me too, Mum, me too!

Read the entire article and watch the vid here! And read about Sigma who is up against a different kind of obstacle.
"She's totally blind on the right side and she can see a little bit over here," said Carol Hollenbeck, Sigma's owner. "And she's totally deaf. She was born that way."

Hollenbeck uses hand signals to coach the dog through the course.

That is so cool that they can work like that as a team, way to go Sigma and Carol!

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  1. ms owner has a friend who is 61,and he's still winning with his dog...


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