Thursday, January 03, 2008

Training yesterday!

We were so lucky to go to training yesterday. Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center, the training center here in Indy, has drop-in classes in the Winter during the day which is really great! Some weeks the weather is warm enough to train outside and sometimes it's just bitter cold and snowy, like yesterday.

Our next trial coming up in a couple of weeks and Mum and I wanted to get in some much needed practice, since we haven't had much in the past two months. And we also wanted to get me on indoor flooring, get me acclimated and used to it before the trial.

What was a wonderful surprise was that no one else attended the class, so we had the instructor all to ourselves for 1.5 hours! Cool! Mum and I worked on some sequences, getting me used to turning tight on the indoor floor, speed, contacts and weaves. And I just had a blast! Have to say, though, that after 1.5 hours of training, I was beat and ready to go home.

Now if I could just get Mum to download some training pics.

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