Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Agility course maps!

We were over at Jake's blog today and he had a link to a great site we wanted to share! It's Kvarkin Kennel, Mia Laamanen's site. From Finland, she has been involved in agility since 1991 and responsible for organizing agility competitions since 1994. She became an agility judge in 1997 and has judged in 16 different countries and also judged the Agility World Championships 2006 in Basel, Switzerland.

Her site has loads of agility courses from all over the world - England, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, and lots more. Worth checking out!


  1. That's pawsome. I wonder if Singapore has any agility course too

    ~ Girl girl

  2. Wow! You are super busy, Johann. You should get yourself a frequent flyer card and try out all those courses.



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