Thursday, February 28, 2008

Speaking of agility!

If you haven't visited our Squidoo Lens on Dog Agility lately we've been adding some new links, new books and DVD's, vids and more. We think you'll enjoy some of the new additions.

One of the new DVD's we've added is a new release from Clean Run:

How to Win at Gamblers and Snooker DVD
ALL NEW! Do you want to know how to play Gamblers and Snooker? Or maybe you are looking for ways to improve your distance work and obstacle discrimination skills for the standard classes? Learn from 13-time national champion Terry Smorch.

If you'd like to link to our Squidoo Lens on Dog Agility on your blog, we would, of course, love it! Here's a handy chicklet, or just blogroll us!

To keep everything organized, dvd's, cd's, old vcr agility tapes, and your tv and audio equipment - you may want to look into some cool audio racks!

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