Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who is my Mum?

Over the past year or so since we've been blogging on Blogger, many folks have asked to see a pic of my Mum. Who is your Mum, what does she look like, who types for you - inquiring minds want to know?

Well, she's pretty shy in reality - although most people think she's incredibly outgoing. But she hides her shyness really well - learned early in her marketing career that being shy wouldn't get her anywhere.

I'm crazy about my Mum, have been from day one. We are together every day, every hour, every minute - accept when she has to go shopping or to meetings. We're soul mates, fur sure!

So without further ado, this is the best pic of me, my Mum and my sis Gracie. A friend of ours took this pic at a Disc Dog event a year or so ago....Gracie and I are looking a bit serious, 'cause we were bored and wanted to go play some Frisbee! Let us go, Mum!

Thinking back to this day it was a special day - we got to see some great friends, and the weather was great! We are soooo wishing for good weather right now, even a stay in a Las Vegas hotel sounds appealing right now, at least it's warmer there. The weather has been miserable here - 10 degrees this morning, snow for about 3 out of 5 days, freezing rain expected again tonight - is there no end in sight? Where's Spring?

Oh and if you were wondering, Mum is wearing one of our Agility Rocks! too can get one of these soft, warm, comfy, all cotton sweatshirts and we'll donate 10% of the profits to dog rescue! While you're there, check out my other cool shirts!


  1. Your mom is young and very pretty - and VERY smart, Johann!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Johann, thanks for posting the pic. It's great to be able to visualise your mum when reading what she types for you.

  3. Hi Johann!

    Good for your Mum for posting a picture ... it's always nice to be able to visualize online friends! And it's a very nice family portrait.

    Our dog mum wasn't too crazy about posting her photo from Silvia's seminar (she doesn't like many photos of herself). But she had to cuz it was with Silvia! :)

    Wags and sniffs,

  4. hey johann, show us ur frisbee skill!!....

    ms owner notice a few shirt in ur site they she love....but she still need a get a credit card for herself 1st...

  5. Hi Johann,

    What a nice family picture! You're a lucky pup to have such a nice mom. You sure have been busy with agility! I hope the weather gets better for you soon.



  6. Great photo :)
    Miss ya JoJo!
    love ya,
    Kristie & the girlz

  7. Love you Kristie and those fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, crazy gals!


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