Saturday, February 23, 2008

Around the dog blog-o-sphere!

While we were gone the past couple of days there was a lot going on in the dog blog-o-sphere. We did some catching up and wanted to share some of these posts we found. Interesting stuff!
  • Taj MuttHall has a great vid of an (In)competent Border Collie - too fun!
  • If you have trouble getting your pup to 'like' nail trimming - the Training Journal for Devon and Jamie discovered a really great idea, check it out!
  • More from Taj MuttHall, info and a link to an article in National Geographic this month - Inside Animal Minds; they are smarter than you think!
  • AgilityJedi, one of our new blogging friends, posted a great article - What is a reactive dog? - interesting, and thought provoking.
  • Did you ever wonder how??? Who to brush your pups teeth, trim their nails, teach them a trick? Here's an interesting site to show you all kinds of things you may have been wondering about.
  • Good friend Charlie, and pack leader of the infamous Dogs With Blogs, has a rough go this past week...first thought was Kennel Cough, then seisures, turns out he has congestive heart failure. He's on meds now and doing well. Go and give good vibes, K?
  • Doolittler reminds us of the dangers of an accident or as a poison bait.
  • The Animal Law Coalition published an article by Martha Leary in Wooster, OH. She was hired to temporarily take over a kill shelter. She quickly turned it to no-kill successfully, when her term was over, read the sad story of what happened to this once successful no-kill operation.
  • If you're still considering which candidate to vote for in the Presidential election, and want to see how they voted on animal issues affecting us pups, check out the Republicans and the Democrats at the Baltimore Sun's Mutt Blog.
  • If you've never met a Hamster, now is your chance! We have a great Hammie friend in Girl Girl, definitely a Hammie worth meeting.
  • Pet Monologues has a post about animal phones - if you need a chuckle today!
  • Cat agility is making the rounds through the US. Stop by this site if you like to know where you can see it in action at a pet expo near you! The site also has resources, training info and much more if you paw around a bit.
  • If you haven't seen Spencer's new movie, it's pretty fun and cool!
  • If you have pups and kitties, and have trouble keeping the pups out of the litter, see this post from the Dog Training Blog for a nice idea. Sadly this didn't work for my sis, Gracie, she just chewed the door apart, but it could work for your pup!

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