Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And, we're off!

Checking my to do bags are packed, so are Gracie's, and we are off for a couple of days! We won't be blogging, or checking email - it's just me and Mum and agility.

Mum and I are going to the Silvia Trkman seminar near Cincinnati; leaving tomorrow morning. We are doggone excited that we get to participate in this opportunity with Silvia. And we're looking forward to meeting Silvia's pup, La! (Learn more about La here, then click on About Us and La's pic!

My nails are trimmed, the fur cut from between my pads, teeth brushed (although we do that everyday), new treats are packed that Mum ordered from CleanRun, I'm brushed and looking good. says the drive will be uneventful, although not so good for our drive home on Friday night. Hopefully that will change, Mum hates driving in bad weather. And we've got all our car safety measures in place!

Gracie is going to stay with a friend who has a Golden, and she is going to just have a blast. We're dropping her off tonight, since we're leaving really, really early in the morning. She'll just be exhausted when we pick her up! Our neighbor is looking after the house and taking care of Wolfie and Wiggy, the kitties. I'm sure W & W could use a little break from dogs for a couple of days.

My iliopsoas muscle pull is healing up very well. Been doing my treadmill, my stretching routines, and my 'back-end' strengthening exercises (which we are going to post about in the near future, good stuff for any performance dog). I'm back to doing zoomies with Gracie, every day and not feeling any effects, which is great. Got in a little jumping and weaving practice this past weekend and did well!

Mum has decided to let me lead the way on what I can handle and not handle at the seminar, because of my recent injury. It's going to be a couple of long (but, super fun) days - she's going to have me rest when tired, stretch me out a lot, rub me down between runs, rest me if I've had too much, and look for any subtle clues I give that I'm getting too sore. There will be so much to learn with me, without me, or by watching other pups.

We'll be taking lots of notes, hopefully vids and pics to share with all of you, pending Silvia's permission, of course! So check back on the weekend or first of next week for all the details.


  1. You look so nice here! Nice photo.

  2. Johann, good luck! We'll look forward to hearing how it all went.

  3. hope to hear from u when ur back...

    share some tips with us too...

  4. Woo! Have fun! Glad to hear you are healing up so quickly!

  5. Tell your Mommy that I will pray she has a safe, dry road to travel upon. It's a good thing that you will be there to keep her company. Take care.

  6. Sounds like you're all ready for agility. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  7. Wow.. we will want to hear all about this once you get back home. How very exciting!! We wish you all the best and hope all goes well.

  8. Good luck! I am sure you will do very well. Have fun!

  9. Have a great time! Learn lots and stay injury-FREE! :)


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