Monday, February 18, 2008

Cat tells about her seminar experience with Silvia Trkman!

Cat stopped by today to let us know they attended Silvia Trkman's seminar in Keene, New Hampshire, with her pup, Tessie, over the weekend. She said she had a great time, learned a lot, and that we will really enjoy it.

Cat posted a recap, highlighting all the great tips and tricks she learned at the seminar and will soon have a video up from the event. Good stuff worthy of checking out.


  1. I'm so jealous...I really wanted to go to the wednesday session but couldn't get off of work. Please write all about it. Finesse needs more tricks!
    Lisa & Finesse

  2. We will, we will! Just hope that we can watch, learn, take notes and video all at the same time....

  3. Hi there!
    My beagle, Marvin, and I have only been doing agility together for 18 weeks and I'm hooked (he seems to quite like it too!). I discovered Silvia through Xsara and Barby's blog. I contacted Silvia about a month ago to find out when she'd be in the US next and was shocked it was this month already. Unfortunately by the time I contacted the Queen City club all the working spots for Novice were full.

    Since I'm so excited about seeing Silvia in person I decided I'm still going to make the drive from Milwaukee to audit the Saturday novice/open session. Can't wait! I just wish my pup could come and have the experience too.

    What days will you be attending? Did you get a working slot?

    Take care,
    Jackie (and Diesel and Marvin)

  4. Hi Jackie, Diesel and Marvin! Yes we were lucky enough to get a working spot on Thursday and Friday for the Masters level handling and problem solving sessions.

    So glad you are going to audit! I'm sure you'll learn soooo much. We may not see you, have lots of fun, K?

    Woofs, Johann

  5. we heard alot about silvia trkman's dog...

    will head over to ur fren blog and get some tips...


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