Monday, February 18, 2008

FCI Agility World Championship comparison clips!

We were checking out the FCI Agility World Championship 2007 vids on Guy Blancke's site at Smooth Moves Agility the other day. Some interesting comparison vids, including:

Border Collie versus Papillon - (Exerpted from Best of 2007 DVD )
Fastest @ 1 is fastest a few L8ER?
Darn Shute Exit (with some tips)
Team Agility Small - (Exerpted from Best of 2007 DVD )
Individual Jumping Large - (Exerpted from Best of 2007 DVD )
30 second Course Building
Individual Jumping Small - (Exerpted from Best of 2007 DVD )
Team Jumping Large - (with Zen ?)

Most all of these are excerpted from the Best of the 2007 FCI Agility World Championships DVD that came out recently and that he narrated.

You can also see his vids from the 2006 FCI World's - including this one we found on of the fastest dog in the event in 2006, clocked at 11.6 MPH.


  1. That YouTube video is awesome, awesome, awesome. It really give me a whole new appreciation for how hard my dog is working and how important it is for me to give clear and EARLY commands.

    Whoever put that together did a real service to us new trainers.

    Thanks for bringing all of this to our attention.


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