Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gracie and I did some agility today!

Gracie and I got in a little agility training today, it was warmer and not too bad outside, yeah! And since we got our new camcorder, we were able to vid some of our training.

Gracie has been working on focus with Mum, weaves, and doing a bit of distance and rear crosses. This was a nice little run for Gracie to practice all those a bit. She did great on going ahead of Mum on a jump, this is new to her. And her rear crosses look good. Her weaves are coming along nicely, but she is still working her footing along with the speed she'd like to go. (If any of you have any thoughts on her footing in the weaves, feel free to comment - we'd love to hear your opinions).

I'm not practicing much agility since I'm still doing the last bit of rehab with my iliopsoas muscle pull. And I'm focusing more on tricks to build my core and backside. Tricks like beg, sit pretty, dance and crawl; and of course I'm working out on the treadmill.

But Mum and I wanted to see how I would do for the seminar with Silvia Trkman coming up this next week. I'm doing pretty well, jumping looks good, weaves are still a little slow, but I'm definitely coming along.

Mum has decided not to put me in a trial until probably the end of March, first of April, just so that I really get mended. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Excellent Gracie and Johann! You guys are both masters at this! We really enjoyed watching you in action!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. i think gracie did progress alot....

    hope to see her achieve title soon at the trial...

  3. gracie footing is different from johann... but seems as fast though...

    actually i wanted to learn some tips regarding the footing too...

  4. Great job! I think that my dog, Ranger, would really like doing agility. I just need to get off my behind and do it!

  5. Good job, you guys. That treadmill really seems to be paying off. Glad you're not in pain any more.


  6. Wow. What a fun movie to watch. You both did very well. Cheers!


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