Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tish and Cruella's one year anniversary of a life saving adventure!

Our incredible blogging friend Tish, over at ChattieKat, posted yesterday that it was one year last Friday since she saved her pup Cruella's life as she began to lay lifeless from choking on a hot dog. I was overwhelmed and incredibly scared when I read her story about that horrific night.

Tish had trained in CPR for two-leggers, but had not taken any classes on pet CPR, as yet. But she was able to transfer her knowledge from her two-legger class and help her pup, who I am very happy to say lived through the very scary episode. Tish, too, lived through the ordeal.

It wasn't until July that I learned of Tish and Cruella's frightening moment. But the minute I heard, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops - in the hopes that more two-leggers could learn from Tish and Cruella's experience.

Not long after that I put together a Squidoo lens on Canine CPR and on August 16th, just a day after I created it, this lens was named by the Squidoo team as Lens of the Day. I was really happy that Squidoo also felt the info was very important to share.

I'd like to encourage everyone reading here that it's so important to know first aid for your pup, basic, intermediate and advanced first aid techniques like CPR. Check with your local Red Cross Chapter for a wonderful overall course on first aid and sign up today, just like Tish did!

And thank you to all the bloggers out there that have reposted information about my CPR Squidoo lens! Getting the word out is important and I'm grateful to you. And if there are other doggie bloggers out there; feel free to share the info too!


  1. GReat post Johann! My humans have to give me the Heimlich Maneuver every now and then because I don't chew my food very well. I hope you can save a few lives with this post!

  2. Thanks so much for the nice post, Johann!! That was the most scary day of my life, but I'm thankful every single day that it turned out the way it did. Thank you for the great Squidoo Lens and for continuing to spread the word about Pet First Aid! You're the best! :) And Cruella and Molly say hello!


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