Thursday, March 20, 2008

Agility training, yeah!

On our way to agility training last night, we saw that the White River was way, way, up after all the rain we had! Check that out!

We got to go to agility training last night. A couple of friends and Mum rented the ring at the training center and we had so much fun! Mum was definitely having an off night, but I wasn't. I'm getting faster and more confident every week. Mum is really happy to see me getting back to my usual self more and more after my muscle pull.

Both Gracie and I were faster tonight, than last week. We had Mum huffing and puffing. Gracie didn't run off as much, and she was really having some fun, tail wagging the entire time. Her contacts are looking pretty good (teeter needs work) and more independent all the time, she still needs Mum to be close a lot of the time, although her distance is getting better and better. And she had some weave trouble last week, but seemed to get over it this week. (Mum's fault.) Since she's getting faster, Mum needs to work on her timing to keep Gracie's attention, fur sure!

I was more confident, and my speed was much better - not running full out but getting closer all the time. Even my weaves were looking a little better on this flooring, this week. And we got to work on a little gamble which was fun, too!

Mum's handling stunk last night, did I mention that. Her head just wasn't quite there, she forgot the course, was really slow and off on the cues for both of us, got in my way and Gracie's, well, it just wasn't her day. But we still had loads of fun!

Here's a quick vid of some of our training last night. Mum is sore this morning, but I'm feeling good! We hope you enjoy, and you may want to turn the sound down, Mum and us pups make a lot of noise!


  1. I really enjoyed the video of your two dogs. I just got into agility about 6 months ago and my dog and I really like it!

  2. Hey Johann!

    Was good seein' ya at the rental last night! Hope we can do it again soon :)

  3. we got tons of rain here too... i bet somewhere must be flooding...

  4. Johann, I didn't want to turn the sound down because I wanted to hear what your mum says when you're training. Wow! Whoever of you wasn't having a turn certainly let us know you were keen to start :-)

    I like these videos you post that aren't all 'smooth and perfect'. Personally I learn a lot more from them than from your best ones, because I see how you and your mum behave when things go wrong.

    I love seeing your tail wagging!


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