Thursday, March 20, 2008

I hate that doggone Dyson!

I hate the Dyson! Yep, you heard me. Of course Mum absolutely loves the doggone thing. She used to have another vac. One day she was using it to clean out the car, pulled the car into the garage and ran over the hose. But she was glad, 'cause then she could run out and get a Dyson! And she did, she wouldn't have any other vacuum now.

She has the one with the ball, but we see that they have a new one out called the Dyson DC17 animal absolute. This one has that cyclone technology that makes sure you have strong and constant suction. And you can certainly tell, she has to empty the doggone thing at least three times when she uses it.

Why don't I like it? It's noisy, it's sneaky, it's spooky, an it always seems like it's chasing me! But Mum is not about to part with it, that fur sure!

1 comment:

  1. Best to jump on the sofa I find. Then when she wants to vacuum the sofa - I have to jump on the floor. But it can be avoided. I don't think it is as agile as you.



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