Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little trick fun on a rainy day!

It's been raining a lot here lately, and that doesn't make for much outdoor fun for me and Gracie. Today is supposed to be nicer and maybe we'll be able to get outside. Last night we did get to go to agility practice, which we'll post about soon. In the meantime, Mum has been working on some tricks with us again.

We did the usual, sit, down, bang, go target, beg, dance, rollover and more. Gracie's learned a new trick that you can see, it's bye, bye - and she does it so well! I love the little head tilt she does when she waves.

Mum introduced a box to both of us the other day. Gracie isn't quite the type of pup to offer up as many behaviors as I am, yet, and she wasn't that interested in the box, but she had a little fun with it. The first time Mum showed me the box the other day, I was on it, literally, right from the beginning. This is the second time Gracie and I have seen box and exploring all it's possibilities and opportunities. We found this trick on the website - they are having their monthly contest featuring pup interaction with a box and we thought it would be fun to try.

We also have started learning another new trick - leaving a treat until Mum says the right number for us to grab it. Obviously she is encouraging us at this point when to take the treat with a difference in voice inflection, but soon she will be fading that.

We'll hope you enjoy the vid, and happy tricking, oh wait, that's not right! BOL!


  1. hey, any idea on how to learn 'wave'?

    i know how to lift my paw up...but juz can't hang on there...

  2. LOVED this clip. Had to pause in the middle to go away and try tricks with Penny.
    Johann, I noticed your mum sometimes clicks to tell you you've done what she wanted but doesn't immediately reward. That's interesting.

    Secondly, what is she giving you as a reward?


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