Saturday, March 29, 2008

AKC National Agility Championships - Update Day 2!

Day two of the AKC National Agility Championships are complete and included Standard in Round 1 and Jumpers in Round 2.

Cumulative Standings through Round 2 include:

1 Phoebe, Kimberly Sisak Papillon
2 Pip, Nancy Louise Jones, Toy Fox Terrier
3 Pierre, Diane Overstreet, Papillon

1 Willow, Michelle Beardsley, Australian Shepherd
2 April, Gail Donaldson, Pomeranian
3 Leo, Lyndsay Mulligan, Papillon

1 Flash, Pamela Fish, Border Collie
2 Vixen, Robin Kletke, Border Collie
3 Luka, Ashley Deacon, Pyrenean Shepherd

1 Streak, Diane Sanders, Border Collie
2 Tessa, Frank Lafata, Border Collie
3 Teak, Kendall Fairchild, Border Collie

1 Jive, Carrie Jones, Border Collie
2 Skylar, Ann Zarr, Border Collie
3 Kestrel, Bridget McKnight, Border Collie

1 Scream, Ann Braue, Border Collie
2 Focus, Geri Hernandez, Border Collie
3 Pickle, Alicia Nicholas, Border Collie

Our good friends, Zina and Ruth Goode, are at 40th place with two clean runs in Round 1 and Round 2 (way to go you two)!

Tomorrow's Round 3 will be a Hybrid course (Standard course times will be set between Standard class course times and JWW class course times based on the equipment used.), Round 4, Challenger's, (which may be a Standard, JWW or Hybrid course) and Round 5, the Finals, will be a Standard course.


  1. Wow, Johann--
    Thanks for barking out this info. I know we are both happy to see that the border collies dominate. I am going to do some training this afternoon with low jumps. So far, I am dizzy with excitement when I work on them and end up barking and nipping a lot. How do I settle down? Should my human guide me more on a leash?

    --Puppy Fenway

  2. But where are you, Johann? We're sure you would clean up at that competition!!
    - Charlie


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