Sunday, March 30, 2008

AKC National Agility Championships - Day 3!

We're a little slow going today - lazy day. We went to check on the progress on the AKC website and they've already completed the Hybrid class! Seems our friends Ruth and Zina didn't get in a clean run this morning, but they sure did really well for their first time at Nationals.

We saw that a couple of nice folks we met from Tennessee at the Corydon trial are set for the finals this afternoon - Joel and Marvel, and Jean and Keesha, good for them! Also big congrats to Jenn and Guess. It will be a really nice 16" final! Looking forward to that.

It looks like two handlers will have two dogs each in the finals - wonder how common that is? Should be really competitive in all the heights! Good luck to everyone.

If you want to see the results for the Hybrid - which is round 3, click here. And you can watch for more results coming tonight for the Challenger and Final Rounds.

Check out this link for some videos from the event - they seem to be pouring in...

The creators of one of the blogs I read pretty often is attending and has had many clean runs in a row - not sure if they made the finals, but if they didn't they surely should have!

And the 2009 AKC National Agility Championship will be held in Concord, NC. The Cabarrus Arena will be home to the Nationals March 27, 28 & 29, 2009. The qualifying requirements will be 6 Double Q's and 400 points. The qualifying period started on 12/1/07 and will go through 11/30/08.

Here's the course for the finals later today!

Good luck everyone and everypup!

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