Sunday, March 30, 2008

A little training this weekend!

The weather was a little nicer this weekend and we got in some practice. Mum was very tired, but she tried to keep going as much as she could. Been a lot of work for her this week...

Gracie and I are both having teeter issues. Everyplace we go the teeter is different and we just aren't doing the same things on all the different teeters, so we worked on that, as best we could on our own teeter.

Mum wanted to do some work on sending Gracie to the tunnel. She did well! And we wanted to continue working on my weave speed, as well as remind me what distance is.

We're signed up for a trial in Columbus, Ohio for next weekend. Got the kittie sitter lined up! Mum has signed me up for four trials coming up in the next six weeks, two USDAA (gotta get one more Standard for my MAD title) and two AKC trials - right now we sticking with dirt and grass, since I'm not doing too well on other surfaces right now, just being too cautious.

We are really looking forward to being in a trial again. Just love the place we're going next weekend, should be loads of fun. Hope Mum can keep up, she is so out of shape trying to get me back in shape and I'm taking up all the treadmill time. Looking at her, you'd think she was wearing maternity clothes or somthin', just kidding Mum!

Here's a vid of some of the training this weekend...


  1. Hi there,

    Very neat to see videos of you and Gracie in action! Check out that zippidy-do speedy weaving action. I'm very jealous that you two have your very own equipment to play on in your nice big yard!

    Looking forward to watching some videos from your upcoming trials!


    PS Very nice song as a background to your video.

  2. I hope you are not offended by this. I watched your teeter practice and it looks like they jump off before it hits the ground. You can put a target plate at the end of the teeter or put the target on the ground so that the teeter hits right in front of it. (all the dogs legs remain on the teeter). I know some people dont like this method but it worked for both my shelties is using kong fill or cheese in a can and spread it directly on the teeter at the very end. The first few times you might want to guide the teeter down with your hand in case the dog is eating as he is riding the board down. You dont want him to smack his face. My dogs always waited until the board hit to start eating. Again, I hope I didnt offend you. Just a thought. Your weaves look great. Diana

  3. Hi Diane! Nope, not offended at all.

    The big reason we have flyoffs yesterday was because our home teeter is way, way heavier than the other teeters we usually see. So Mum was being pretty patient...and I think we were 'getting it' just after a few tries or so.

    Mum is teaching both of us running teeters (so to speak) so she's going to keep with this for another week or so, and if need be smoosh the treat on the teeter like you say, if it doesn't stick with us after the week is up.

    Thanks for commenting, we actually love the exchange of ideas - helps everyone learn!

    Hey LucyandWalter - thanks for stopping by. Sure appreciate the nice comments. Mum doesn't think our yard is nearly big enough - she can't even get a full stride in...see her staggering along. BOL!

    But we sure have fun, no matter what!

    Woofs, Johann

  4. u actually have the teeter in ur won cool is that pal...

  5. Lucky you, having enough room in your garden to set up all that equipment. We lug weaves and jumps to the park a couple of times a week, to the amusement of the lcoal kids ...

    I could see your seesaw (=teeter, excuse the UK Ingerlish) improving with every go, very kewl!


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