Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dog tricks!

Maybe we're the last to know, but we came across a site the other day that we've been having some fun with, it's called The Dog Trick Academy.

The Dog Trick Academy was founded to encourage and aid dog owners around the globe to create an harmonious relationship with their dog. It is their belief that dog tricks training contributes significantly to the psychological, physiological and emotional needs of dogs. We agree!

They have lots to explore including a forum, classroom, articles, blogs and loads more.

After we signed up - which is free - we headed right over to the forum, where we found a monthly dog trick contest. This month the objective is to shape a behavior which involves a cardboard box, training anything you want that involved a cardboard box.

The rules state that you must not have practiced or been taught the behavior before the beginning of the month, the behavior must be taught by using clicker training / shaping, and you have to submit a video of your dog performing the behavior. The prize is the Dog Trick of the Month award, that you can place on your profile.

Oh this is something we haven't done yet, guess we better get busy!


  1. yeah, that forum is really cool...

    i know about it from xsara..

  2. Sounds like great fun. We're going through a bout of amazing hot weather, around forty degrees every day when it should be twenty (Autumn!!) so we can't walk. So tricks will fill in the time beautifully.

  3. It seems like a good idea but I can't find any privacy policy or statement about why they need or want my information or how they'll use it. So I won't sign up. FYI. Maybe you know something that I don't! But I already get enough spam.


  4. By golly, I couldn't find a privacy policy either. I'll email them. Since I've signed up over 5-6 months ago, I've only received emails from them, no spam - although I don't get much spam anyway. Shhhh....


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