Sunday, March 16, 2008

Irish Wolfhounds to lead St. Patrick's Day parade in NY!

Monday will be a big day in New York for a couple of Irish Wolfhounds, as New York's 69th Regiment, a unit of the Army National Guard, will be opening the Annual St. Patrick's Day parade with their Mascots.

The Irish Wolfhound is the mascot of The Fighting 69th - officially the 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry (Mechanized) NYARNG. The Irish Wolfhounds are prominent on the Regiment's coat of arms, and it was the traits and disposition of the Irish Wolfhound that inspired the 69th Regimental Motto "Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked".

On March 17, 1953, two Irish Wolfhounds were adopted by the 69th as Regimental Mascots. They were clad in green coats with the gold numerals "69", and paraded immediately to the rear of the Regimental Color Guard. There have been two wolfhounds as mascots ever since.

If you're a pup in New York, getting around isn't that easy. Taxi's don't allow dogs unless they are service dogs, you can ride the MTA, or call in a pet taxi. But we found out today that NYC Car Service by Dial 7 allows dogs (and cats, too, if they are in carriers). Wow, good for them!

With their fleet of over 450 town cars, they provide transportation to and from Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ and New York City. So the next time you need LGA car service, you may want to try Dial7.


  1. That's pawsome news that they have car service for doggies. ;)

    ~ Girl girl

  2. The Irish Guards also have an Irish Wolfhound as a mascot. I know this because I got to see him at the changing of the guard when I traveled to London, took a photo, and the photo has been on wikipedia ever since. :-)

  3. Oh, nice pic! And nice would be very cool to see the changing of the guard. Hope I get to experience that sometime.

  4. Irish wolfhounds are such gentle giants. I'll be they look awesome on parade!
    - Charlie

  5. Dang, Go Irish Wolves! I would like to see pictures of that.


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