Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting Mum back in shape!

After not being able to run agility for a couple of months, Mum is super out of shape. You should have seen her at agility practice yesterday. She was all breathy after her runs (but I do have to say that she did 5 runs in one hour with Gracie and I).

Besides getting me back in shape, which has been her focus, now she's going to have to work on getting herself back in shape.

She's been working out on my treadmill, and of course she'll get more exercise working me out in agility now that we're back in training, but she needs more.

So I signed up to get Mum a yoga dvd. Mum likes yoga, used to do it all the time BD (before dogs). So I thought she'd like to get back into it and I can participate some too - you know, the downward facing dog pose!

She likes it a lot! The yoga dvd has six Yoga sequences so it's organized and easy to follow. And it has a pose guide, which will help her in remembering the poses that she has forgotten from years ago. I got her the beginner to intermediate version, since I thought she'd need to ease into the program a little, even though she has lots of past experience with Yoga.

Yoga is going to be great for her flexibility. Combine this with the treadmill and running me for her cardio, and loading and unloading the car for her strength exercises, she'll be back in shape in no time!


  1. yoga sounds like a difficult sport to us..

    my owner can't even stretch her leg straight from a sitting position on the floor...

  2. Good for your Mum... I tried Yoga.. didn't like it... I think it takes the right personality to enjoy it. I hope you Mum has fun!

  3. Wow, yoga really makes us healthy and helps us to look incredible. I will try!

  4. Pawesome Johann!! HM LOVES Yoga too! They offer it weekly at her job! It's great for strength and flexibility!

    Good Luck!!




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