Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's time for Crufts!

It's time for Crufts!

Crufts, the world’s greatest dog show will be taking place from 6th – 9th March 2008 at the NEC, Birmingham. The show is open from 8.15 to 19.30 each day.

Officially recognized as the world’s largest dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, Crufts 2008 looks forward to expecting almost 23,000 dogs, including 1,165 dogs from overseas. As for human visitors the 2007 show had over 153,000.

Here is some of what you can enjoy right at home:

Listen to what's going on at Crufts live, via CruftsFM. You'll be able to hear interviews and features, the results as they happen and the LIVE chat with the winner conveying all the emotion and drama - that only radio can portray.

See the results here!

Check out the schedules:
March 6th - including agility, confirmation for utility and toy, musical freestyle and flyball.
March 7th - more agility, confirmation for gun dog, obedience, and more.
March 8th - agility small team finals and international final, flyball team semifinals, obedience winners, confirmation for working and pastoral.
March 9th - obedience world cup, agility finals, confirmation for terrier and hound, best in show and more!

Since I'm a huge agility fan we found some Crufts agility resources and tidbits of info:
Carrie Jones and Jive will be representing the US in Crufts 2008. Here are Carrie Jones and Jive from one of their runs from the 2007 FCI Agility World Championships in Hamar, Norway. They placed sixth in the individual large dog class. Hopefully the AKC website will be providing updates on their progress at Crufts this week, if so, it will probably be located here.

Enjoy Linda and Flynn the 2007 Crufts supreme obedience champion!

Check out this vid of the finals of the 2007 Crufts Flyball Finals!

2007 Crufts Agility Champion - large dog!


  1. That sounds great. I wonder if this is on Animal Planet channel or another T.V. channel? I would love to see it.

  2. sounds like a really big event for dogs ppl..

    champions competiing among the champions..

    we hope johann, u and gracie will be there one day...

  3. i wonder why are they still using the old-fashion flyball box...

  4. Hey Pacco - I found a little info here:

    and here:

    Seems Crufts is perhaps the only place where this box is still used...


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