Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great agility practice!

We finally got to go to agility practice today. Mum and a couple of her friends rented the Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center for an hour so we could all get in some action. Dog, did we have fun!

Gracie got in three runs and I got in two. Mum's goal for me was to work on my confidence (getting it back) and for Gracie to work on focusing on Mum during her runs instead of running off. We accomplished both our goals today!

After my injury I've lacked a lot of confidence on the course (showed a lot at the Silvia Trkman seminar a couple of weeks ago). But I'm feeling a lot better and it showed today. I'm still not running full out, but I'm closer and on this flooring I was unsure about my footing in the weaves, but Mum was real happy with my enthusiasm and confidence; and she didn't think for an after injury run my speed was too bad. And she loved my a-frame!

For not seeing a full agility course in like four or more months, Gracie had a few really, really good runs. Today she was really focused on Mum, and was having a great time. Mum is getting her cues in earlier for Gracie and that helps. Plus they've been working on some distance and that is helping as well - 'cause Mum can send her to jumps and other obstacles and Gracie isn't getting bored and running off. You can tell Gracie is still running a lot like a pup, just imagine what she'll be like when she matures! Good girl!

Mum's planning on getting me back into weekly class (Gracie too) and we're hoping we'll get to be at the horse barn for a few weeks. I just love that dirt floor.

Next goals are to get me to run more full out with confidence and to work on more obstacle independence (with speed). Gracie's goals are to continue working on some distance, and focus with Mum, and to work on her weave confidence, entrances and speed.


  1. The horse barn sounds interesting. I bet you and Gracie will do very well with more practise

    ~ Girl girl

  2. How fun!! (except for the falling down I wish Archie & Lydia were able to do agility. All three of you looked like you were having a blast!

  3. Excellent practice, all three of you!

    I especially like your mum's collapse at the end of Gracie's run! That's usually how how my dog mum feels too :D

    Play bows,

  4. I hope your confidence is back! Looks tiring but fun!

  5. looks like a great practise day-out for u and gracie...

    it take us 2 yrs of training to stop me from running off the ring at the training ground...

    juz hope the same can be transfer to the actual trial...


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