Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Give some love to your pet sitter!

This week is the week to give some extra special love to your pet sitter. Why? Its National Pet Sitters Week - an entire week devoted to those wonderful and special people who take care of us when our two-leggers have to go out of town on business, are working late at the office, or are traveling somewhere where they can't take us.

Pet sitters work hard, especially during holiday and vacation time. Take the time to thank your sitter this week - they will love you or it!
  • Looking for ways to thank your sitter? Try these cool ecards, they will be glad you did!
  • And if you are looking for a pet sitter, here's a great site that lists all kinds of resources all over the country!
  • Need some help in getting ready for your pet sitter, check this out! And having this great checklist when looking to hire a sitter will help you a lot in evaluating the best person for the job!
Happy National Pet Sitters Week!


  1. Hum.. how to thank my hoomans.. maybe if I'll be less messy in the house this week hee

    ~ Girl girl

  2. Hmmm... I actually have to ask someone to petsit this weekend! My friend who lives down the street comes and stays with my kids when I'm away.

    I usually stock the fridge with Pepsi, Coors Light and chocolate cake.. a few doritos in the pantry and instructions on how to use the cable remote and she's happy!

    Then we take her out to dinner when we get back.. to sort of smooth out the wrinkles from the ruckus three bullmastiffs can make!

  3. Mom has never left us with a sitter.. but if she had.. we would be thanking them. We did not know it was pet-sitter thank you week.. good to know.

  4. Hey...thanks for letting everyone know about pet sitters! Pet sitters work their tails off, and it always makes us feel good when a client takes time to recognize the hard work. I don't pet sit as much as I used to but I have great respect for pet sitters who are out there every day working hard to keep pets happy in their own homes while their people are away.

    Thanks again for the post :)


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