Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Agility hits MTV!

The Long Blondes, a 5-piece English indie rock band from Sheffield, just released their new album - Couples. The band is known not just for their music, but also their "glamorous punk" image.

One of the singles from their new album is "Guilt" and guess what the new video features? Yep, agility! We hear it's starting to make the rounds on MTV. Not exactly sure what agility has to do with guilt, oh wait.... :)


  1. Johann!

    This is the best post EVER at DWG. I watched it 3x in the last 10 minutes and already forwarded it to every border collie I know.

    Thanks, Dude. You are my hero!

  2. Of course, we all dress like that for agility in the UK. Errrr ... maybe not.

    Do you think the singer wants to be Mary Ray?

    Well spotted, Johann! This made my night!


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