Thursday, May 01, 2008

Amber Alert for lost pups! Cool!

Hey have you heard about this new service? It's called, and it's kind of like an Amber Alert for lost pups! can help you locate a lost dog by taking a quick and simple approach, and contacting your neighbors for you by phone, making the best use of those all too critical hours after the pup has gone missing.

This is how it works: For a low fee they will contact up to 5000 people in your area by phone (and they're are an exempt organization from the Do Not Call List, so the call will get through). If your neighbors answer, they hear the message, or the message is left on voice mail or answering machine if they aren't at home. It's a great idea to help a dog become a found dog, as quickly as possible.

What a great way to help lost pets get home safely and quickly!

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