Thursday, May 01, 2008

What we've been up to!

Oh, a little over 15 inches for me and just under 19 for the Grace-ster - just kidding!

Been a pretty quiet week for us, but busy for Mum. She's working on redoing my main website and it's looking good - I've put my paw seal of approval on the direction Mum is going with it.

We've also been working on a marketing plan for a certain pup friend of ours in Canada - big surprise, so shhhhh! (Wink, wink).

Mum made me rest up for two days after doing two USDAA trials, two weekends in a row, but I didn't want to. She really liked that. Just one more sure sign that I'm feeling good. Gracie and I are back to zooming up a storm three to four times a day - all is well and back to normal. You gotta love that!

We checked out all the amazing blooms going on in our yard the other day. We sure did miss all this blooming last year with the big freeze. We thought there was going to be a big freeze the other night, so Mum trimmed up the blooms from the Lilac and made a couple of bouquets for the house. I don't think I'm liking all this sweet smelling in our house, but Mum does, so I guess I'll put up with it. Gracie seems to like it, but she's a girl, yuck!

We got to go to agility practice today with our Trainer and had an absolute blast! Mum isn't feeling too good about her handling, thinking through courses, or her ability to run me properly lately - and her agility handler confidence has been a bit low. But this happens every time after I get injured. I just have to teach her, again, that yes, we do deserve to be in Masters and Excellent level! Yes, we both have incredible potential. Yes, I am a good agility dog, and Mum you are a good handler, we can do this, we can do this! And in about a month of trailing (which technically is only two more weeks) she will be back feeling all confident again. We're just really happy right now to be running without injury, running healthy and running happy!

Gracie started off the practice today and she was really, really great! Incredibly focused, very speedy (she beat Mum to the end of the dog walk, again, but didn't bail, good girl!). A couple of runs through her weaves were amazing (Mum says, take a hint JoJo!). She did quite a few rear crosses and read them extremely well. She did so well, she only got 20 minutes of the hour practice. Take that, Gracie girl!

So then it was my time. My first run we did a 17 obstacle course. I ran wide some, Mum messed up her handling, I almost bailed my dog walk, messy, messy, messy! (Mum, you're gonna have to get a grip!).

We did some sequencing and we both got better - me, tighter and kept my speed up pretty well, Mum got some tips form our trainer and actually remembered to do them. So then at the end of the hour - Mum and I ran the entire course one more time. This time she ran with my 5" squeaky basketball - my all time favorite, Mum taught me to 'go out', toy! Woo Hoo! I beat Mum to the end of the dog walk (didn't bail), I was super tight, she barely got in one front cross and couldn't do the others, I almost ran into her - but we had one of the most fun runs ever! Mum never slowed me down, even though I messed up and she messed up, wooo hooo, what a rush!

So we ended on a great note, headed for the grocery where Mum bought Gracie and I some salmon to cook up! OMD! I can't wait to get my jaws on that!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Hmmmm...a surprise?? BOL! Better get mom workin' too! She's been super busy painting pups and doing freelance!



  2. Keep up those training runs with your Mom, Johann! There's nothing like a little success to give your pack leader a little confidence. Go, team! Woofs, Kharma


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