Friday, May 02, 2008

More on hawks and dogs!

We've received a lot of email about our post on the dangers hawks may pose to us pups. Some say that hawks have no interest in dogs, and others say that there really is a danger! So we wanted to share some more info to hopefully keep it more safe for us pups out there.

Basically what it boils down to is that dogs could potentially be prey for some hawks, especially if there are no other food sources around that appeal to them, like rodents, rabbits and small squirrels - and it depends upon the type of hawk and where they are located. Some hawks will only prey on catches in the 2 lbs range, but other hawks have been known to capture prey up to 10 lbs. or even a bit more.

Bottom line? It's just always best to weigh on the side of caution, supervise your pup, and if you see a hawk circling high above - do what my Mum has always done, watch it and if it gets closer, get your pup to a safe enclosure, pick them up or take them inside.

Here are a couple of more articles we found on the subject:

Birds that eat small dogs - from Birder's World
Hawks Grounded In Bryant Park After Chihuahua Attack - from in New York
The Dangers of Dogs and Hawks - from the Monroe Kennel Club in Michigan


  1. YES! Some of our Dogster pals have been affected by this! One little Chi/Min Pin was attacked last year...and some other Min Pin friends in Ohio have spotted hawks circling too!!

    Be safe Jojo!!



  2. When I was a pup, mom and dad saw a hawk circling above me several times, so they made me go in the house. They brutally said the hawk probably couldn't have picked up my pudgy little body anyway, but they had heard hawks do sometimes go for small dogs. Luckily I'm way to big now at 27 pounds, but Rosie, hmmm, now she would make a tasty meal for one. I'd better keep my eye on her. Thanks for the informative post Johann.

  3. I saw a big bird flying in our garden the other day and I think this bird is big enough to carry my miniature pinscher. I’m glad that my Mina stays in her crate safely all the time.


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