Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dogs in yard!

Hey, look what we got in the mail yesterday! It's a neat Dogs in Yard sign. We really wanted one of these and we absolutely love it - it's stylish, friendly, and will look great on our fence gate.

We have a nice fenced in back yard, with two gates. One of the gates is really close to all the utility meters for the house, and sometimes Mum worries that the meter reader will get confused, and open the gate when we are outside. One little slip and it could be very dangerous!

Some of the signs you see at people's homes are those beware of dog signs, but we wanted a sign that was more friendly and didn't imply that the pups in the yard were dangerous, 'cause we aren't! So we asked the nice folks at DogInYard.com to send us one of these really cool signs.

We got the sign in two days, really fast, and we got to order just the color we wanted - they have blue, brown and green. We had the option of choosing 'dog' or 'dogs', and we thought that was pawsome! They ship for free, and only ask for payment via check to be sent after you receive the sign - kind of a good Karma system.

The sign comes with great instructions and even has the little screws we need to put the sign up on the fence (they provide ties for other types of fences). I can't wait to help Mum put it up this weekend. And we really feel it will keep us even safer!


  1. Oh man I want one of those! :) It's very cool!

  2. Johann, that seems like a good sign to have on the gate. I think it was you that also once posted about a sign that tells emergency crews that there is a dog in the house. Also a great idea. Thanks for all the research that you and your mum do.

  3. I like that sign a lot. Maybe it will encourage visits.

    Ms. Alpha bought a bunch of window stickers that warn any police or firemen that a dog lives in the house and is at the top of the list for any rescues.

    She even claimed she'd go BACK inside a burning house to save me. I think she loves me more than life itself.


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